9 Best Earphones Under 1000 (November)

Best earphones under 1000:

I know the value of a good earphone. A music lover like me always wanted an earphone or headphone which make me happy during listing to music, movie, or playing Pubg like games.

Especially in games, sound plays a vital role. Every step you make according to your sound. So I feel that you need the best Earphones with mic that give you accuracy as well as communication with your teammates.

I am sure you already know that this article is all about below 1000 rs earphones(Readers: We are not dumb 😆) but what you don’t know is all the earphones on this list are above 500rs. so if your budget is below 500rs then don’t feel sad, I make a separate article on Best Earphones under 500rs. you check this too.

Ok then don’t waste any more time, we jumped into the list of Best earphones under 1000 with mic in India

EarphonesBest Buying Site
boAt Bassheads 242Buy On Amazon
JBL C200SI Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Mi Dual Driver EarphoneBuy on Amazon
Sony MDR-EX150APBuy on Amazon
Philips SHQ1200Buy on Flipkart
Blaupunkt EM10Buy on Amazon
Sennheiser CX 180Buy on Flipkart
Realme Buds 2Buy on Amazon
sOil Stem Node BASS10 Buy on Amazon

Note: The price of all these earphones may change when you check it.

Best Earphones Under 1000 in India

1.boAt Bassheads 242

Best Earphones Under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

If you love to do workout listing music then boAt Bassheads 242 is the perfect earphone for you. Its silicon crafted ear hooks fit in your ear perfectly and It is coated with IPX 4 sweat and water protection, which will help your workout level to the maximum.

Talking about build quality, it’s superior coated cable allows you to make it twisting contorting and tangling. It comes with a 3.5mm straight jack facility that almost compatible with every device.

Talking about sound, its 10mm super dynamic drives has a perfect balance of sound and bass. If you are a bass lover then I highly recommend this earphone.

You can receive your all-important calls as well as control the music with its in-line mic. It comes with 3 buttons, middle one for call receive, cut and pause the music and other two for volume control and forward, backward.

Quick View

ColorActive Blach and Sprite Lime
Cable Length1.2meters
Drivers10mm driver
Warranty1 year from the date of purchase
Rating 4.1 star (7,501 customer rating in amazon)

2.JBL C200SI

Best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

JBL is a well-known brand in India and a very loved brand among young stars.JBL speakers are the most popular music components in India. You can check the list of best Bluetooth speakers in India

Design: JBL C200SI is a well ergonomic designed Earphone. Its angle AirPods fit perfectly in the ear.

3.5mm straight gold plated jack gives you a well-balanced sound. but, its cable is not tangle-free. It can easily tangle in your pocket or bags.

Sound Quality: 9 mm drivers is like perfect for this earphone. these drives produce Jbl signature sound.

The frequency response of JBL C200SI is between 20-20,000Hz.

The inbox you get extra 3 pair tips which are equally soft. You can use this earphone for a long time without painting your ear.

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ModelJBL C200SI
ColorGun Metal, Ice Grey, Mystic Blue
Cable Length1.2 meter
Drivers9mm driver
Impedance16±3.2 ohms
Warranty1 year from the date of purchase
Rating 4 star (6,049 customer rating in amazon)

3.Mi Dual Driver Earphone

Best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

These are the best earphones under 1000 rs I can say. Mi is a leading brand in India so far. Mi Dual is one of these.

Build Quality: It comes with magnetic earbuds that can easily store anywhere. It has a 3.5 mm gold plated jack with a 90-degree close-fitting design. The main thing is the cable is tangle-free which is a huge relief from wear and tear.

Sound: Its 10mm and 8mm duel dynamic drivers bring quality sound and massive bass. its anti slip earplugs perfectly fit in your ear and does not slip from its space.

Quick View

ModelMi Dual
ColorBlack And Blue
Cable Length1.25 meter
Drivers10mm & 8mm Dual driver
Impedance32 ohms
Warranty6 months limited warranty
Rating 4 star (1,023 customer rating in amazon)

4. Sony MDR-EX150AP

best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

Sony is the leading brand in India. Sony MDR-EX150AP is one of these. This earphone fits in your ear very well thanks to its ergonomic design.

Build quality: it is a very lite weight product. It comes with metallic finish housing but not made with metal. There is no wear and tear for its braided cable. This 3.5 mm plug is not gold plated.

Sound Quality: It has a very powerful and balanced sound thanks to the 9mm neodymium drivers. It comes with a wide range of frequency response that is min 5Hz to max 24,000 Hz. As you can see the lower frequency is very low soo definitely it reproduce better bass as compare to others.

It comes with so many vivid colors to chose from. It has one Multipurpose button in the mic section. you can controls call and music with this button.

Quick View

ColorBlack, Light Blue, and Red
Cable Length1.2 meter
Drivers9mm driver
Impedance16 ohms
Warranty6 months Warranty
Rating 4 star (1,616 customer rating in amazon)

5. Philips SHQ1200

Best Earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

Philips SHQ1200 is one of the best earphones under 1000 with a mic.

Design & Build Quality: It has a high-grade anti-slip rubber ear cup that does not allow to slip from your ear when you are jogging or doing a workout. This headphone is made for extreme sport conditions.

kevlar coated cable makes this earphone most stronger. one. It is very lightweight as well.

Sound Quality: It’s 13.5 mm driver make a good amount of balanced sound. its ergonomic design eliminates most of the ambient sound so you enjoy the best of your music. Its frequency range is not that good, min 30hz to a maximum of 20,000 Hz.

The inbox you get an extra 3 pairs of different size AirPods. which is also made with anti-slip rubber and very soft material.

Quick View

ColorPink, White, Purple, Orange/Grey
Cable Length1 meter
Drivers13.5mm driver
Impedance32 ohms
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Rating 3.8 star (2,841 customer rating in amazon)

6. Blaupunkt EM10

best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

Blaupunkt is a German brand That makes quality musical instrument sense 1924. Now the brands came to India and build a huge market. 4.2 star and 2,646 public ratings in amazon. In Flipkart, it gets 4.3 ratings.

Design & Build Quality: It has a L shaped jack that gives a wide range of capacity. 45 degree angled earbuds fit perfectly and did not slip when jogging or running. it isolates 90 percent ambient sound thanks to the 45-degree earbuds.

It comes with 24 Strand Pure Copper Cable which gives you strong connection and minimum resistance that means there very minimum loss of clarity and power.

Its inline mic catch you sound perfect. and you control music and receive calls from the one button on the mic section.

Sound Quality: its balanced sound makes you feel perfect 👌 .

Quick View

ModelBlaupunkt EM10
Cable Length1.2 meter
Frequency20 Hz – 20 kHz
Drivers10mm driver
Impedance16 ohms
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Rating 4.2 star (2,646 customer rating in amazon)

7. Sennheiser CX 180

best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

One of my friends use Sennheiser CX 180 earphones and he said that this earphone is the best earphones under 1000 rupees. he recommended me too. but now I use Boat 225, so I told him that I will try this after my current one is gone!

Design & build quality: This is the perfect companion for you because it is very lite weight and comes with an ergonomic design. Its dimple earbuds give sleek look to this earphone.

1.2-meter cable gives you enough space between you and your device. it comes with a storage bag which a great deal in this price range.

Sound Quality: This earphone is provided with unparalleled bass and great balanced and high-resolution sound. The frequency if this earphone is 20Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Quick View

ModelSennheiser CX 180
Cable Length1.2 meter
Frequency20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Drivers8.5 mm driver
Impedance16 ohms
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Rating 4.1 star (49,015 customer rating in amazon)

8. Realme Buds 2

Best Earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

Realme recently lunch Realme Buds 2 in India. Before this earphone Realme lunch another earphone which is below 500rupees segment. you can check this earphone in our below 500 earphone article.

Design & Build Quality: This Realme Buds 2 looks durable with its Braided cable. Talking about design it looks elegant and attractive. It has a strap and magnetic earbuds that make storage very easy and convenient

Realme buds 2 comes with 3 buttons remote with a mic. that’s why you can control music, incoming calls even videos. The yellow and black color combination makes this earphone different from the crowd.

Sound Quality: Its superpower bass makes you happy thanks to 11.2mm bass boost driver of this earphone.

Inbox you get a user manual, 2 extra tips(large,small) and earphone itself.

Quick View

ModelRealme Buds 2
Cable Length1.25 meter
Frequency20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Drivers11.2 mm driver
Impedance32 ohms
Warranty6 months warranty against manufacturing defect
Rating 4.3 star (21,365 customer rating in amazon)

9. Soil Stem Node BASS10 

best earphones under 1000
Best Earphones Under 1000

sOil Stem Node BASS10  is in the 9th position in our list. If you go to amazon you did not see many reviews but I assure you that this is the best earphones under 1000 rupees segment, Because of its specification. Very well designed & very premium looking earphone it is.

Design & Build Quality: This earphone designed so that you can enjoy music and play games for a long time without any stress.

Its ear tips are semi in-ear ear shells which are a very comfortable and soundproof noise-reducing ear cap. Those ear shells are made of silicone and made for all ear tipes.

It comes with standard 3.5 metallic jack and three-key wire control with a mic. Two of these are volume slider and a multifunctional controller.

Sound Quality: You will get extra comfort and extra smooth music experience from its 12 mm driver. This earphone has a decent bass with smooth sound quality.

Quick View

ModelsOil Stem Node BASS10
Cable Length1.2 meter
Frequencynot Available
Drivers12 mm driver
Impedancenot available
Warranty1 Year
Rating3.8 star (5 customer rating in amazon)

So these are the list of 9 best earphones under 1000 rs. I research hours to make this list. I hope it will help you to find your earphone. If I make any good mistakes then please feel free to comment. I will correct it later.

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Frequently ask question

Which is better boAt Basshead 225 or Boat Basshead 242?

The first thing is that both earphones fall into the same price list(Price-549). So if you are not peaky then both are quite the same earphones.

There are some basic differences in both of the earphone which I narrate below-

Boat 225 has Metallic finish earbuds whereas Boat 242has plastic finish. Boat 242 has Secure Fit Ear Hooks for better fitting whereas boat 225 gives ear hooks separately but it did not fit as compare to boat 242.

Mic section- Boat 225 has only one multifunctional button but Boat 242 comes with 3 buttons for music control and receiving calls.

Jack- both come with 3.5 mm jack but Boat 225 has gold Plated angled jack and Boat did not have any gold plated jack and it also straight.

Looking at the specifications I hope Boat Basshead 242 is a better choice. What say?

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