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Secondary Education


Higher Secondary Education


Diploma In Mechanical Engineering From Murshidabad Institute Of Technology, West Bengal


Patience 78%
WordPress 75%
Problem Solving 71%
Maturity 95%
Self Confidence 99%



My journey is not that interesting but it has ups and downs. So take a small cup of coffee and let me tell you my story 😉

My journey was started when I was born of course! But I don’t remember that much till am 7. In class three my father gave a book as a gift on my birthday. The book is ” The Secret- RHONDA BYRNE”. Seriously I did’t understand that time the value of this book. but after after 10 years I read this book again and this time it blown my mind. I think is it really happened? Then I research in internet about this book and yaa it is. 

I am HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to read this book at least one time in your hole life. Reading this book will change the way you think.

After that I read so many books and learn so many new thing that I apply in my life too. From my childhood I wish to become an Engineer. So I enrolled in an engineering college to follow my dream. In my college life I meet so many people and one thing I want to tell you is that I love to listing people. So I talk with them ,learn from their mistakes. 

After completing college I got a job in a company, I went there and worked for two years and brought a lot of good memories from there. But at on point I didn’t concentrate on anything, Then after a lot of thinking, I throught that maybe I should not do this 9 to 5 job, SO I quite the job and started Blogging Full time.

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